• It's time to put the debt behind us. We have so much important work ahead of us. Putting an end to this debt will allow Ypsi to shine.

    -- Jelani Leo McGadney
    Bashert Endorsement
  • We love Ypsi! We are one hundred percent dedicated to seeing her succeed and we're thrilled to step up and take care of our city.

    -- Elisa and Jeff Guyton
    Guyton Endorsement
  • We moved here to raise our family and we're dedicated to the success of this city. Financial stability is the key to Ypsilanti's future.

    --Adam and Gillian Gainsley
    Gainsley Endorsement

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About Us

Citizens For Ypsi is a dedicated group of citizens working hard to ensure the financial stability and long term success of Ypsilanti. We are committed to stepping up and doing our part for our city. We’re taking it upon ourselves to bring an end to the financial burden our city is under with the Water Street Debt. From start to finish we’ll see this millage through so that we can finally move on to the important work in our city.


Vote YES on Aug 8, 2017

Canvassing Push
Canvassing Push
January 26, 2017
Kick Off Party
Kick Off Party
January 26, 2017